Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hansel Gretel and Fred

Hansel, Gretel and Fred
June 28, 2013
This group of students has worked so hard on putting this performance together.  They definitely have grown as a group J
It began with choosing a story and then a character.  Next, each student needed to “become the story/character” to build an understanding of the play.  After they had built the relationship with their character then it was time to set up the stage.  All of the students had fun making their own sets and props for the play and I think choosing their costumes gave them a sense of ownership and pride in themselves

Finally we put it all together.  Lots of practice and then more practice until they truly believed in themselves and the story.  Take a look at their adventure!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Friday's Performance Reminder

Don't Forget this Friday, June 28th is the first set of performances for this session of Summer School!

  • Hour 1 - Hansel, Gretel and Fred at 8:30
  • Hour 2 - Ucky Duck and Homophone Hubbubb at 9:30
  • Hour 3 - Puppet Shows 10:30
  • Hour 4 - Puppet Shows 12:00 (Noon)
Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Special Gift Today

I received this today from a student.  She had made it in another Summer School Class.  It totally made my day!

Having Fun Teaching Summer School!

Kids on Stage and Puppets, Plays and Performance

This summer I am teaching two hours of Kids on Stage and two hours of Puppets, Plays and Performance to students entering third through fifth grade.  It is absolutely fantastic!  

Hour 1 will be performing the play Hansel, Gretel and Fred and Hour 2 has chosen two plays; Homophone Hubbub and The Ucky Duck.  Both of these performances will be held on June 28, 2013.  Look for the upcoming newsletter for times.  The students in Hours 3 and 4 have also written their own scripts and will be presenting them on June 28th using their Bird Puppets.
 On the left the girls are making the cage for Freddie Jean and below they are working on the trail for Hansel, Gretel and Fred.

 The students practice their scripts and work on accuracy and fluency with their partners.

This group of puppeteers are making a Different Kind of Finger Puppet!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pelican School Olympics

We are all excited for the Pelican School Olympics and waiting to meet our team members and coaches!

Visual Literacy Young Learners

  Lena David Wiesner Author Study These young learners were very excited to become visual literacy experts as they were introduced t...