Thursday, January 19, 2017

Which Arctic Animal Do You Want to Know More About?

This week the students have been learning about a variety of polar mammals and arctic ocean animals. They used Pebble Go to begin their research. As they listened to the texts they asked themselves which animal would they like to know more about and share with their classmates and you.

Next they chose their animal and reread to their text. They were given the printed text to follow along. As they reread they highlighted their most important fact. Then the students needed to put the facts in their own words. Everyone worked independently with support as needed.

Once they finished their writing it was time to publish their research. The students chose to use Pic Collage to publish their information. The final step is for them to upload their finished collage to Seesaw and share what they know with you.Check back later this week to see and listen to their research.

So proud of all of their hard work!


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