Friday, December 18, 2015

Hansel, Gretel and Fred

 Why I LOVE Shared Reading!

Today we presented Hansel, Gretel and Fred to family and friends.  I find Reader's Theater (Shared Reading) to be such an important part of a classroom curriculum.  The students build confidence and their love for reading.  As we develop and look at new scripts the students practice all their reading strategies, build meaning and comprehension, work as a team and read aloud while performing.

June and Kali as Gretel

 Ben, Abram and Tripp as Hansel

Vivian and Emma as Weezie 

 Jonathan, Kara and Alexander as Gingerbread Man

Madelyn, Mariella and Hailey as Freddie Jean

 Carter and Presley as Fred

Emmaline, Mikenzie and Trenton as the Jelly Bears

Wednesday, December 9, 2015



Our Gingerbread Baby, Girl and Boy Are Lost!

Our gingerbread child has gone missing!  Today we worked together with a partner to peer edit our "Lost" papers and add details to our writing.  We are hoping that someone will help us find our gingerbread child soon!  Check back tomorrow to read our "Lost" papers to identify the missing gingerbread child.

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