Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

These kindergartners had a busy and fun Halloween 2016!

Our day began with the story Nightsong by Ari Berk Image result for nightsong a bat story 
It is about a little bat who uses his good sense to go out an explore the world.  We will continue to learn about bats this week!

Next the students used pictures and words to help them read and retell the story
 I found this printable book at 

Then the students and I went into the computer lab where we continued our word study. You can find the educational sites in the reading section of my school district website. We Are Readers in Kindergarten After snack our day continued with with a  activity. It was so cool to see the different bats that they created using letters of the alphabet! Thanks Abby Mullins.

Our morning ended with an introduction to our next Chapter in Math. This chapter focuses on Counting and Cardinality. The essential question is "How Do We Show How Many?"
Our bashful bat activity built the understanding of how to use objects or illustrations to recognize numbers 1, 2 and 3.

After lunch we continued our math lesson with Halloween Ghost Math. The students needed to recognize numbers 3-12. 

Then it was time for a little Brain and Body Break!

As we finished our Brain and Body Break Mrs. Lindner, from our Pelican PAC, arrived at the door with our pizzas, breadsticks and juice boxes. We earned a pizza party from the STRUT for FUNd fundraiser. Prior to passing out the food the students had fun making their Candy Corn Floats! Our day ended with our HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARADE in the gym. A special thank you to Mrs. Zoncki for volunteering in the classroom this morning and then again this afternoon!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween evening! 
See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What Will Jeb the Scarecrow Do to Save His Pumpkin Patch?

Image result for jeb scarecrow's pumpkin patch

Today we reread part of the story Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch by Jana Dilon. I stopped and asked the students how is Jeb goingto scare the crows? They turned and talked with a partner and then shared their predictions.We will finish the story tomorrow to see how Jeb keeps his pumpkin patch safe! Follow the QR code below or the link to read what the students think!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Look Around at All the Colorful Leaves!

Image result for we're going on a leaf hunt            Image result for leaf man         

We're going on a leaf hunt.  We're going right away. 
Let's find colorful leaves.  It's a wonderful day!

Yesterday we read the story "We're Going on a Leaf Hunt". We asked and answered questions using question words: who, what and where to identify characters, setting and events. Today the students were intrigued by a "Leaf Man" and all of the places he goes. As we continued to collaborate about the two texts the students were able to build their reader's understanding by going on an actual leaf hunt. Tomorrow we will continue our adventures in becoming readers and writers!




Morning Word Study

We are having fun using our reading strategies Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish and Stretchy the Snake to make new words. One of our favorite activities is Rime Time by Dr. Jean! Today our focus was on the "an", "et", "ot, and "ike" word families. 

Also we are having fun with our letters and sounds. We are beginning to recognize the vowels and consonants. One of our favorite songs is Jack Hartmann's Vowel Sounds 

Taking all of our new knowledge and making words and beginning to write sentences. Love beginning our day with the study of words!

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